Michelle Wie and other Clerihews

E. C. Bentley

Clerihews are four line poems in the form aabb, were the first two lines rhyme as do lines three and four. Furthermore, the first line of a Clerihew begins or ends with a person’s name and the poem focuses on some aspect of his or her life. Of course, there can be variations of this idea. As I explained in an earlier Post, Clerihews are named for their inventor, Edmund Clerihew Bentley (1875 -1956), an English journalist and writer.

As examples, here are a few Clerihews that I wrote:

Harvey Penick

Harvey Penick
(Rhymes with scenic)
His claim to fame:
“Take dead aim.”

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus (the Golden Bear)
Pudgy in profile with blondish hair
Left opponents in the dust
With his putting, most robust.

Vardon, Taylor and Braid

Vardon, Taylor and Braid
“The great Triumvirate” so portrayed
In tournaments, to their competitors’ chagrin
One of the three would usually win.

Miclelle Wie

Michelle Wie
May still want to see
If there is a chance
To beat pros who wear pants.

If you are so inclined, try your hand at writing a golf Clerihew and leave it as a comment below.


  1. Rick Burnett says:

    Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods
    Seems to always have different moods
    Let’s hope that he can change his life
    Or soon he will not have a wife

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