At 82 (Age not Score)



Now that it’s golf season, friends ask if I’m still playing. The answer is that I plan to, but probably not as frequently as in younger days. As I have mentioned previously, I’m now playing guitar again. And, as I practice most days an hour or two, I am making good progress. So as I point out in the four lines below, at age 82, there is a reason for my bias towards guitar.

At 82 (Age not Score)

I’m asked, “Are you still playing?”
I answer, “golf or guitar?”
With guitar I’m making progress;
With golf, I’m lowering the bar.

Leon S White, PhD



Hooks and Slices


Two years ago I published a group of poems under the title, Opposites in Golf. All of the the book’s poems focus on golf terms and their opposites. The fun is in the poetic path I take to get from one to the other. In order to give my poems wider availability, I have decided to share them my Blog. So here is the first with more to come.


What is the opposite of hook?
Eye you say with a fishy look.
Fish reminds of hook and line,
Then bait’s the answer to assign.

A hook is also a cager’s shot;
A jumper might oppose or not.
But with golf, what the duffer fears –
Get rid of a hook and a slice appears.

( Note: For non-basketball fans, a “cager” is a basketball player and “hooks” and “jumpers” are descriptive of two kinds of basketball shots.)

If you need an inexpensive present for an avid golfer, the book is available on Amazon for $4.50. (







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