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This website is now a little more than 10 years old. It includes more than 200 Posts with poems. You are most welcome to search on popular golf topics or click on one of the many categories in the list on the right. (I particularly encourage Australians to click on Australia).

Though I am now playing more guitar than golf, I intend to keep writing golf-related poems when ideas arise that encourage poetic responses. And for me, some of the best poem ideas involve playing around with a word or words. The following four-liner is an example.


A gigging guitarist
Fingers over frets;
A gambling golfer
Frets over bets.

Leon S White, PhD


At 82 (Age not Score)



Now that it’s golf season, friends ask if I’m still playing. The answer is that I plan to, but probably not as frequently as in younger days. As I have mentioned previously, I’m now playing guitar again. And, as I practice most days an hour or two, I am making good progress. So as I point out in the four lines below, at age 82, there is a reason for my bias towards guitar.

At 82 (Age not Score)

I’m asked, “Are you still playing?”
I answer, “golf or guitar?”
With guitar I’m making progress;
With golf, I’m lowering the bar.

Leon S White, PhD


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