Tiger, after winning his fifth Masters title, remarked that though he had lost distance, he still had the feeling in his hands; and that was critical to his precise shot-making. Professional guitar players rely on their hands in the same way.

Instrument makers, whether guitars or golf clubs, want you to believe that their products make the difference. But when faced with a challenge, the pros who play them rely more on their hands.

Since my specialty is poetry, let me try to convey the essence of this idea in four lines:


When in the moment,
And the moment is clutch;
It’s not in the instrument,
It’s all in the touch.

Leon S White, PhD


And for those who watched the Masters and have followed the controversy over this year’s rule changes, here is a second four liner about the new drop rule:

 Preferred Drop

The Drop Rule Change: drop from the knees
Has given some Pros a pain in the butt;
My guess they’d prefer to drop to their knees
After making a long and winding putt.

Leon S White, PhD

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