New Post Frequency

I have decided to add a new Post about every two weeks instead of weekly. With more than 90 poems on the Blog at this point, there is plenty to read (and recite). And to be honest, it is getting harder to find interesting old golf poems that I have not put in my book or on this Blog already. Also this fall I will be spending more time preparing my book manuscript for publication in 2011.

I want to thank all of you who visit the Blog from time to time. For those interested, the current Top Post is “Golf Ball Poetry.” Others high on the list include, “A Poem You Can Relate To,” “Attitudes Toward Women Golfers in the Early Days,” and “Lying in Golf Poetry.”

I will continue to announce new Posts on Twitter as well as publish Twitter Twines from time to time.

Look for the next new Post around September 20th. Thanks again for your interest.

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